1. Save the 1-on version of the PDF to your desktop.  (PDF will have "1-on" within its file name.)  If your invitation is a line art design, you'll also have a 1-on version with a kraft paper background included as part of the file.  (That PDF will have "1-on-kraft" within its file name.)

2. Open current version of Adobe Reader (https://get.adobe.com/reader/) and open the 1-on PDF from within Reader.

3. Click right into a highlighted field, delete the existing content, and type your own.  Continue until you've completed customizing your invitation.

4. Go to File > Save to save your customized PDF.

5. Go to Edit > Take a Snapshot (you may find this at Edit > More > Take a Snapshot, depending on what version you're using); then, click anywhere on your invitation.  You will get a prompt letting you know, "The selected area has been copied."

6. Compose a new message within your email and paste (Ctrl + V) the image into the body.  From there, you can send the email to your guests, or you can send the email to yourself so you can access the image from your phone and send via text.

Message me with any questions.  Thanks!